Patent Number: 6,293,459

Title: Carton ventilation system

Abstract: A partitioned container assembly for separating articles to be packaged in a container in a manner that facilitates ventilation of the compartments. The assembly includes one or more divider partitions configured to form an asymmetrical pattern of compartments and specially adapted separating sheets positioned between stacked divider partitions and aligned therewith to improve ventilation between layers of divider partitions without sacrificing functionality.

Inventors: Burch, Jr.; William B. (Marietta, GA)

Assignee: RTS Packaging, LLC

International Classification: B65D 57/00 (20060101); B65D 5/49 (20060101); B65D 5/496 (20060101); B65D 5/48 (20060101); B65D 005/49 (); B65D 005/495 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018