Patent Number: 6,293,464

Title: Card reader

Abstract: A card reader (10) includes a housing (12) having a top wall (14), opposedside walls (34), a closed end (30) and an open end (26) defining acard-receiving slot (40), and an array of terminals (50) secured in thehousing. The card-receiving slot (40) is spaced upwardly a selecteddistance from a board-mounting face (22) of the housing (12). The top wall(14) includes an opening (18) therethrough in communication with thecard-receiving slot (40) remote from the terminals (50), the opening (18)being aligned with a corresponding opening in the housing (12) beneath thecard-receiving slot (40). Portions of a circuit board (70) beneath thehousing are exposed for access from above the card reader (10) aftermounting to the board (70), when a card (60) is not disposed in thecard-receiving slot (40), thereby permitting low profile electroniccomponents (76) to be mounted on the exposed portions of the board ortested or removed therefrom.

Inventors: Smalley, Jr.; Jared Joseph (Harrisburg, PA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013