Patent Number: 6,293,467

Title: Multiple-interface selection system for computer peripherals

Abstract: An interface selection and configuration system for a computer peripheralin which configuration for the peripheral and/or the host interface is atleast in part accomplished by the interface connector cable. In apreferred embodiment, the computer peripheral is equipped with one or morehardware interfaces. The interface connector cable has a first endconnector for attaching to the computer peripheral. The first endconnector of the interface connector cable is typically a multiple pinconnector constructed and arranged to be properly physically andelectrically connectable only to a specific computer peripheral or classof computer peripherals, the first end connector including at least oneelectrical connection between two pins for completing a circuit within thecomputer peripheral thereby enabling the computer peripheral. Where theperipheral is a data reading device such as a laser scanner or RFIDreader, alternate or additional configuration may be obtained, with datareading device, from the label on the interconnect cable. The label, whichmay for example be a bar code or RFID tag, contains information orinstructions by which the data reading device (and/or the host) isconfigured.

Inventors: Reddersen; Brad R. (Eugene, OR), Shepard; Phillip W. (Eugene, OR), Moch; Rockie D. (Eugene, OR), Williams; Jon Paul Charles (Eugene, OR)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013