Patent Number: 6,293,507

Title: Adjustable shelf hanging clip

Abstract: An adjustable, shelf hanging clip for hanging shelves on storage racks isconstructed from at least two rectangular sections of material joined atan angle which can be about At least one of these rectangularsections has a pair of hook-shaped support and latching tabs extendingfrom its exterior surface, with the ends of the tabs extending toward oneanother. The hook shaped tabs are adapted to be received into a pair ofadjacent, vertically spaced holes in the columns of the storage racks. Thehook of the upper tab fits over the bottom of the upper hole so that thetop inside surface of the hook is the bearing surface and the outsidesurface of the lower tab is the bearing surface on the bottom of the lowerhole. The other rectangular section of the clip has a notch at each of itsends. The bottom surface of each notch is a separate, preselectedlongitudinal distance from the inside bearing surface of the nearest tab.Thus, the clip can be turned around and installed in the same verticallyspaced holes on storage rack columns to adjust the height of the storagerack. The clip can have additional adjustment heights by fabricating anadditional pair of similarly arranged hook tabs on each of one or moreadditional rectangular sections of the clip and cutting notches in theends of adjacent rectangular sections which are additional, differentlongitudinal distances from the inside bearing surfaces of these tabs.

Inventors: Gorniak; Theodore S. (North East, PA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013