Patent Number: 6,293,513

Title: Servo-controlled magnetic valve

Abstract: A servo-controlled magnetic valve has a main valve (13) and a servo valve (14). The servo valve opens when, after an empty stroke, a solenoid plunger (7) entrains a slide member (23) that carries the servo closure member (20) and, as a result, pressure is released to the low pressure side (17) from a pressure chamber (25) on the side of the servo piston (24) that is remote from the main valve seat (15). The servo piston (24) is an annular piston that surrounds an insert (19) that carries the main valve closure member (18) and the servo valve seat (20) and which, during the operating stroke, entrains the slide member (23) by means of first stops (26) and the insert (19) by means of second stops (28). In that manner, it is possible to obtain sufficient opening of the main valve (13) and a small overall height of the magnetic valve while retaining an initial empty stroke of the solenoid plunger (7).

Inventors: Birkelund; Michael (Middelfart, DK)

Assignee: Danfoss A/S

International Classification: F16K 31/36 (20060101); F16K 31/40 (20060101); F16K 031/06 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018