Patent Number: 6,293,525

Title: Economical apparatus for producing improved combustion and safety-enhancedfuel

Abstract: Apparatus for facilitating the mixing, absorption and/or retention ofcarbon dioxide `CO2` in hydrocarbon fuel to economically produce asafety-enhanced and/or improved-combustion fuel. The apparatus includes atleast one mixing receptacle having at least one coupling with acontrollable inert gas supply; at least one coupling with a controllablehydrocarbon fuel supply; and at least one coupling with a CO2-enrichedfuel fuel-line. The mixing receptacle(s) is configured to retain a volumeof fuel and a volume of CO2 such that CO2-enriched fuel having acontrollable gas-fuel ratio is the product of the mixing receptacle(s) andthe gas of the ratio(s) exceeds 0.1 volume of CO2 per volume of fuel andis less than approximately 3 volumes per volume of fuel when conveyed fromthe receptacle(s). The apparatus controls the exposure of hydrocarbon fuelmolecules to an optimal volume of CO2 within the receptacle(s). Oneembodiment of the invention includes the adaptation of the apparatus toexisting fuel-burning devices, i.e. for retrofitting the apparatusthereto. The apparatus mixes and/or stores CO2 in the fuel to achieve oneor more of the following benefits: fuel receptacle safety-enhancement;improved engine combustion; reduction in undesirable emissions such assoot particulate; reduction in fuel droplet size; and/or, reduced fuelviscosity.

Inventors: Ginsburgh; Irwin (Newhall, CA), Metcalf; Darrell Jay (Fillmore, CA), Tichenor; Clyde LeRoy (Somis, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013