Patent Number: 6,293,527

Title: Splash bar for direct contact heat and mass transfer method and apparatus

Abstract: A splash bar for direct heat and mass transfer method and apparatus aredisclosed utilizing grids of elongate splash bars which bars are arrangedgenerally vertically and parallel with one another and wherein each splashbar includes both flat and curvilinear surfaces all of which aresubstantially perforated with holes. In one embodiment, the splash bar hasa short first curvilinear surface that extends laterally and which changesto an extended first straight surface that in turn changes to a shortsecond curvilinear surface which extends toward the vertical downwarddirection. In a second embodiment, the first straight portion is shorterand the second curvilinear surface changes to a third curvilinear surfacewith a reverse incline which changes to a second short straight surfacewhich in turn changes to a fourth curvilinear surface that extends towardsthe vertical downward direction.

Inventors: Ovard; John C. (Santa Rosa, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013