Patent Number: 6,293,533

Title: Dashpot for wheel suspensions

Abstract: A dashpot for wheel suspensions, with a preferably sheet-metal spring cup(6). The cup is attached to a shock absorber or its accommodating tube,supports a helical spring that surrounds the shock absorber or tube, andcan be advanced along the shock absorber or tube on threads. To allow thedashpot to be raised and lowered in precise increments, the attachment ismaintained tight by a cylindrical housing (3). The housing is providedwith a slot extending over its total length and with outside threads. Itsinner surface of the housing rests directly against the shock absorber orits tube. The housing operates in conjunction with a height-adjustmentring (12) or neck (7) with matching inside threads on the spring cup. Theslope of the threads ensure that the force exerted by the spring on thespring cup will squeeze the slotted housing together radially.

Inventors: Sasse; Thomas (Ennepetal, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013