Patent Number: 6,293,535

Title: Device for individualizing blanks of paper, plastic, or similar materials

Abstract: An individualization and transport device for blanks has a vacuum feederwith an endless belt circulating in a timed drive cycle in a transportdirection. The endless belt of the vacuum feeder has an upper belt portionand a lower belt portion. An individualizer is arranged upstream of thevacuum feeder and feeds individual blanks from a stack of blanks onto thelower belt portion of the vacuum feeder at a first transport speed. Acontinuously moving carrier is arranged downstream of the vacuum feederand has a second transport speed that is greater than the first transportspeed. The endless belt moves at a third transport speed that issynchronized with the second transport speed of the carrier at the momentof transfer of the blank onto the continuously moving carrier.

Inventors: Pfankuch; Claus Karl (Hamburg, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013