Patent Number: 6,293,542

Title: Automated sheet delivery to selected paths using active gate and dragclutch

Abstract: A method and apparatus of processing sheet media such as document sheets tobe duplex scanned or media sheets on which two sided printing is to takeplace includes automatic positioning of an active sheet guide gate anddrag clutch by the rotation of a transport roller with which the activegate and drag clutch is frictionally engaged. The transport roller maycomprise one or more coaxial rollers in an assembly positioned in themedia path and is rotatable in different directions such that the leadingedge of a moving media sheet is moved through one or the other of two nipsdefined between the transport roller assembly and associated upper andlower pinch rollers. The direction of rotation of the transport rollerassembly can be reversed before the sheet leaves the nip to thusre-position the sheet guide gate and re-route the sheet back in a desiredpath to a scanner or printer for further sheet processing.

Inventors: Bokelman; Kevin (La Jolla, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013