Patent Number: 6,293,551

Title: Blackjack card game incorporating two-card 21 wagers

Abstract: In a casino Blackjack game, the concept of the insurance wager against adealer Blackjack (two-card total of 21) is expanded to provide a playerwagering option when a dealer first card is either an Ace or a ten-valuecard. An additional wagering option is provided when a player first cardis either an Ace or a ten-value card that the player two-card total willbe 21. Payouts for the respective wagers are varied according to whetherthe dealer or player first card is the Ace or the ten-value card andwhether the two-card twenty-one is comprised of cards of a predefinedrelation such as same suit or color or cards including a 10-value card ofa particular rank. The additional wagering option adds an exciting elementto the conventional Blackjack game, resulting in a more enjoyable game andincreased play.

Inventors: Webb; Derek J. (Derby, GB)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013