Patent Number: 6,293,553

Title: Brush seal

Abstract: A brush seal for sealing a rotor against a housing. The brush seal includes a number of bristles that are each attached to the housing by a clamp member. The clamp member is positioned between a supporting plate and a front panel. The supporting plate has a supporting section for supporting the bristles in an inclined position.

Inventors: Werner; Klemens (Munich, DE), Gail; Alfons (Friedberg, DE)

Assignee: Mtu Motoren-und Turbinen-Union Munchen GmbH

International Classification: F01D 11/00 (20060101); F02C 7/28 (20060101); F16J 15/32 (20060101); F16J 015/44 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018