Patent Number: 6,293,877

Title: Golf ball

Abstract: The present invention is directed towards a golf ball which comprises acore; at least one cover layer; at least one mantle layer disposed betweenthe core and the cover; and at least one transition layer disposed betweentwo of the other layers of the golf ball comprised of discrete portions ofat least one of the adjacent layers. The transition layer may be formed byprojections extending from one layer and cavities on the opposing layerfor interlocking with the projections. The thickness of a first layer is Xand the thickness of a second layer is Y and the thickness of thetransition layer is Z. The Flexural Modulus of the first layer is E.sub.xand the second layer is E.sub.y. In the golf ball according to the presentinvention, Z is determined by the following formula:##EQU1##

Inventors: Boehm; Herbert C. (Norwell, MA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013