Patent Number: 6,293,886

Title: Heavy-duty power transmission V-belt

Abstract: A block-type heavy-duty power transmission V-belt including a large numberof blocks fixedly engaged with tension members by fitting the tensionmembers in fitting grooves formed on side faces of the blocks. In areinforcing member embedded in each of the blocks, a beam angle between avertical center line of an upper beam part disposed above the fittinggroove and a pulley groove face closer to the center of a pulley than aportion of the pulley in contact with an upper contact part of the blockis or more. In this manner, to the base of the upper beam partis applied merely tensile stress derived from a shearing force working ina lengthwise direction of the belt between the block and the tensionmember, or tensile stress reduced correspondingly to compressive stressderived from downward bending moment applied to the upper beam part due toa reaction force from the pulley groove face. As a result, the stressapplied to the base of the upper beam part can be reduced, so as toincrease the transmission load of the belt without increasing the weightof each block.

Inventors: Ohkawa; Hirokazu (Kobe, JP), Takahashi; Mitsuhiko (Kobe, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013