Patent Number: 6,293,887

Title: Plate link chain for continuously variable transmission

Abstract: A plate link chain of the present invention has rocker link elementsconfigured such that the frictional end surfaces have a profile, whichdeviates from a planar surface in both circumferential and radialorientations. In a preferred embodiment the end surface profiles aredefined by radii of predetermined dimensions in the range of 5 to 50millimeters with the radius formed in the radial plane being larger thanthe radius formed in the circumferential plane. The radii originate frommidpoints, which are located at predetermined distances from the rockingsurfaces, to form substantially spherical end surfaces that are eithersymmetric or asymmetric for selected applications. The substantiallyspherical end surfaces are designed to reduce the edge transfer forces andtracking error of the rocker link elements and to improve wearcharacteristics and the stability of frictional engagement of thetransmission in operation.

Inventors: Linnenbrugger; Andre (Buhl, DE), Teubert; Andre (Buhl, DE), Scheufele; Klaus (Ottersweier, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013