Patent Number: 6,294,654

Title: Modified immunoglobulin molecule incorporating an antigen in a non-CDR loopregion

Abstract: A modified immunoglobulin (Ig) molecule incorporates, preferably in one ormore non-CDR loops, one or more foreign antigenic peptides such as a raspeptide. The antigen binding site of the immunoglobulin preferablyrecognises dendritic antigen presenting cells (APCs). The modified Ig canthus be taken up by dendritic APCs and the foreign antigenic peptidepresented on MHC II to naive T-helper cells which stimulate cytotoxicT-cells via the production inter alia of IL-2. Modified Igs of theinvention can be used to stimulate the immune system which has apparentlybecome tolerant of a mutant protein, e.g., in the case of certain types ofcancer, or it could be used for vaccination against viral infections. Themodified Ig can be expressed from recombinant host cells from which it issecreted, notwithstanding the presence of the foreign pepide in a loop ofthe molecule.

Inventors: Bogen; Bjarne (1335 Snaroya, NO), Sandlie; Inger (Oslo, NO), Fossum; Sigbj.o slashed.rn (Oslo, NO), Mjaaland; Siri (Oslo, NO), Lunde; Elin (Oslo, NO), Rasmussen; Ingunn B. (Oslo, NO)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013