Patent Number: 6,294,678

Title: Treatment for cancer and compounds for use therewith

Abstract: A treatment for cancer and compounds for use therewith are provided. Thecompounds treat cancer by correcting a TATA box lesion in DNA that leadsto the cancer's uncontrolled cell proliferation. The preferred compoundseach contain strontium; iodine; ascorbic acid; and a diamagnetic ion,either bismuth, zinc, or potassium. These components orient the compound,transport it to the lesion, dissociate the aberrational bonds of thelesion, hydrogenate the dissociated TATA nucleotides at the lesion, andreconvert the lesion's chemical structure to that of normal DNA.

Inventors: Sakalosky; George P. (Gatlinburg, TN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013