Patent Number: 6,294,682

Title: Alkoxides with alkaline earths and titanium, zirconium and/or hafnium,their production and use

Abstract: The invention concerns solutions of alkoxides containing titanium and/orzirconium and/or hafnium and magnesium and/or calcium and/or strontiumand/or barium of general formula (I): [M.sup.II (OR).sub.2-y(OR.sup.1).sub.y ].sub.n. [M.sup.IV (OR.sup.1).sub.4-z (OR).sub.2 ], inwhich: M.sup.II means magnesium and/or calcium and/or strontium and/orbarium; M.sup.IV titanium and/or zirconium and/or hafnium; R is an alkylgroup with 1 to 18 carbon atoms; R.sup.1 is an alkyl group with 1 to 18carbon atoms, y has a value of between 0 to 2; z has a value of 0 and 4;and n is a number between 0.001 and 3, with the exception that n cannot be1 when y is 2 and z is 0, or when y is 0 and z is 4. The invention furtherconcerns the production of these alkoxides and their use.

Inventors: Rauleder; Hartwig (Rheinfelden, DE), Standke; Burkhard (Lorrach, DE), Horn; Michael (Rheinfelden, DE), Kotzsch; Hans-Joachim (Rheinfelden, DE), Srebny; Hans-Gunther (Dulmen-Rorup, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013