Patent Number: 6,294,710

Title: Fluid distribution materials with improved wicking properties

Abstract: The present invention relates to the selection of materials which areparticularly useful as fluid distribution material for being used indisposable absorbent articles by being characterized in that they have awicking time of less than 120 seconds and a cumulative flux of more than0.075 grams/cm2/second for said preferential fluid distribution directionat 12.4 cm height, when applying the Vertical Wicking Test. A furtheruseful selection criteria for such materials is a non-isotropic fluiddistribution behavior, expressed in that the wicking time in thepreferential distribution direction is less than 80% of the wicking timeof perpendicular direction at 8.3 cm height, when applying the same test.

Inventors: Schmidt; Mattias (Idstein, DE), D'Acchioli; Vincenzo (Kelkheim, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013