Patent Number: 6,294,718

Title: Stringed musical instrument top member

Abstract: A top member for the body of an acoustical stringed instrument includes aforward part having an interior portion spaced inwardly from the side wallof the body after the top member has been assembled to the body, theinterior portion having a pair of composite material layers with a corelayer bonded therebetween. The forward part further has a core free flexedge portion which borders the outer periphery of the interior portion,and is made by having the pair of composite material layers bonded incontact with each other. A skirt projects rearwardly from the rear surfaceof the flex edge portion and extends along the edge of the flex edgeportion. When its top member is assembled with the body, the skirtslidably fits over the sidewall of the body.

Inventors: Saunders, Jr.; Robert H. (Glastonbury, CT), Ladutko; Nicholas (Simsbury, CT), Johnson; Donald M. (Sandisfield, MA), Untermyer; Frank I. (Weatogue, CT), Vassilopoulos; William P. (Westfield, MA), Gunsallus; Clifford (North Canton, CT), Hudak; William (Hebron, CT)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013