Patent Number: 6,294,719

Title: Musical instrument string winder

Abstract: A string winding device for winding and unwinding the string on a peg of astringed instrument has a generally cylindrical body with a slot extendinginward from one end thereof. The slot has a plurality of sections, whichare configured to engage different size and shape pegs on stringedinstruments. The slot has a shallow and wide section, a deep and narrowsection and a middle section of medium depth and width. A fourth sectionis located perpendicular to the other three sections and is configured forspecialty tuning pegs. Extending from the top of the string winder body isa hexagonal shaft for engagement with a cordless screwdriver, drill or oneof the hubs or cranks disclosed herein. A manual hub or crank with ahandle may be used to turn the string winder body. The hub of the crankfor the manual hub may utilize a flexible tab within the hub to interlockwith a recess in the hexagonal shaft to hold the parts together duringuse. The crank has a lever arm attached to the hub and a handle attachedto the opposite end of the lever arm. A user may hold the handle androtate the lever arm clockwise or counter-clockwise in order to tighten orloose the string of the instrument. An alternate handle design also has anotch with an angled surface located in the upper perimeter of the handle.The notch is used for removing the string retainer peg or pin on acousticguitars.

Inventors: Palecki; Thomas L. (Pleasanton, CA), Jeffrey; David R. (Campbell, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013