Patent Number: 6,294,724

Title: Solar cell module and power generation apparatus

Abstract: There is disclosed a solar cell module comprising a solar cell element, afront surface member provided at the light receiving surface side of thesolar cell element, and a back surface member provided at the back surfaceside of the solar cell element. The front surface member and the backsurface member are adjoined in a releasable state. At least the frontsurface member and the solar cell element are in close contact or thefront surface member is in close contact with a solid layer which is inclose contact with the solar cell element. The solar cell element, thefront surface member and the back surface member can be separated withoutleaving residue of any of the front surface member, the back surfacemember or the solid layer on the solar cell element. Thus, there isprovided a solar cell module allowing for easy component separation andeasy collection and classification, whereby recycling of each component,particularly of the solar cell element, is facilitated.

Inventors: Sasaoka; Makoto (Kyotanabe, JP), Fukae; Kimitoshi (Nara, JP), Shiomi; Satoru (Mishima, JP), Makita; Hidehisa (Kyotanabe, JP), Itoyama; Shigenori (Nara, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013