Patent Number: 6,294,752

Title: Method of flash-butt welding

Abstract: A method of flash-butt welding in which the travel speed (V.sub.t) of the machine mobile plate and the welding voltage (U.sub.2) are changed (by preset programs) and the travel speed is controlled through negative feedback by welding current, the voltage being changed discretely for each flashing fixed interval of t.sub.m duration as a function of the increment of the actual average speed of flashing details of shortening (V.sub.a) during the previous flashing interval, V.sub.a value being maintained at the present level, lower than V.sub.m. The invention envisages a change of the coefficient of enhancement of the negative feedback in a discrete manner for each preset flashing interval of t.sub.m duration as a function of V.sub.a increment during the previous flashing interval. The invention further provides for an increase in the value of U.sub.2 and a decrease of the coefficient of negative feedback to the set value until the speed has reached the set value of speed V.sub.f at which upsetting is switched on, or after the set value of Q.sub.m has been reached, U.sub.2 is increased and the coefficient of negative feedback is decreased to the set value, these values remaining constant until upsetting is switched on.

Inventors: Kuchuk-Yatsenko; Sergei I. (01025, Kyiv, UA), Didkovskiy; Alecsandr V. (03186, Kyiv, UA), Bogorskiy; Mikhail V. (04209, Kyiv, UA), Krivenko; Valeriy G. (01010, Kyiv, UA), Gorishnyakov; Alexei I. (04080, Kyiv, UA), Krivonos; Vadim P. (01133, Kyiv, UA)


International Classification: B23K 11/04 (20060101); B23K 011/04 ()

Expiration Date: 09/25/2018