Patent Number: 6,294,758

Title: Heat radiator

Abstract: A heat radiator for emitting infrared radiation to the human body has aheat source which is energized to emit infrared radiation, whosepenetration depth into the human body is to near warmth sensing points ofthe human body, and an insulator for covering the surface of the heatsource to be directed toward the human body. The free surface of theinsulator forms a surface for contacting with the human body and thethickness of the insulator is less than the penetration depth of theinfrared radiation into the insulator.

Inventors: Masao; Shiotani (Kitakyushu, JP), Kazunori; Hiroi (Kitakyushu, JP), Hisato; Haraga (Kitakyushu, JP), Takenori; Fukushima (Kitakyushu, JP), Yumiko; Kataoka (Kitakyushu, JP), Shingo; Tanaka (Kitakyushu, JP), Hiroshi; Tsuboi (Kitakyushu, JP), Shigeru; Ando (Kitakyushu, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013