Patent Number: 6,294,766

Title: Battery cell bypass with pre-loaded compression action

Abstract: A battery cell bypass protection technology for use with NiH2 (or otherenergy storage) cells on a spacecraft or other high reliabilityapplication. The device is a thermally activated switch, designed tobypass the current around a failed (open) or failing cell so that theother cells in the battery are unaffected. One unique aspect of the designis a "pre-loaded" compression action, solder shorting mechanism. Anotherunique aspect is that the construction employs series redundant heatersand blocking diodes in multi-chip packages. These unique aspects provideconsistent and complete shorting to provide a low-resistance cell bypassin any orientation on earth (1g) or in orbit (0g). Another unique aspectis the use of non-lead-based solder that minimizes "creep" over time andtemperature.

Inventors: Autry; Tracy A. (Dove Canyon, CA), Lynch; Fernando C. (Anaheim, CA), Mathes; Don (Apple Valley, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013