Patent Number: 6,294,767

Title: Dishwasher

Abstract: A dishwasher having a cabinet and wash chambers in the form of drawerswhich slide in and out of the cabinet. Rigid and flexible closures aredisclosed for sealing off the wash chambers when retracted into thecabinet. A detergent dispenser for the dishwasher is provided in one wallof a wash chamber in the wash water discharge path into the wash chamberso that detergent powder is flushed out of the dispenser and mixed withthe wash water prior to the latter being discharged into the wash chamber.A wash programme for a dual wash chamber dishwasher is also disclosed whichminimizes total water consumption by transferring water from one chamberto the other.

Inventors: Sargeant; Adrian (Dunedin, NZ), Butler; Richard George Arthur (Dunedin, NZ), Wilks; John (Otago, NZ), Kazianus; Babis (Dunedin, NZ), Maunsell; Steve (Dunedin, NZ)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013