Patent Number: 6,294,776

Title: Integrated optical imaging assembly

Abstract: An integrated optical imaging assembly for scanning an object may comprisea printed circuit board having an upper end and a lower end. An opticaldetector is mounted to the upper end of the printed circuit board at anend of an image light path, and a lens system is mounted to the printedcircuit board below the optical detector to be interposed in the imagelight path. A reflector is mounted to the lens in the image light pathbetween the lens and the optical detector to direct the image light pathbetween the lens and the optical detector. An illumination source ismounted to the lower end of the circuit board to illuminate a second endof the image light path below the lens, and an illumination reflector ismounted to the lens opposite the illumination source to direct anillumination light path from the illumination source toward the imagelight path below the lens.

Inventors: Miksch; Eugene A. (Loveland, CO), Berg; Thomas E. (Fort Collins, CO)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013