Patent Number: 6,294,778

Title: Method and apparatus for recording a flat field image

Abstract: The invention features a flat field image printing apparatus. The printingapparatus includes: a light source responsive to an image modulated signaland producing a image modulated light beam; a beam deflector supported forrotary motion to deflect the image modulated light beam onto an imagerecording medium in response to the rotary motion; and a lens assemblyconfigured to convert the deflected image modulated light beam into anachromatic focused beam spot which moves repeatedly in a first scandirection and over a range of scan angles to provide a highly resolvedprinted image across the recording medium. In other aspects, the inventionfeatures a high-speed printing apparatus employing multiple light sources,and an achromatic f-theta lens for use in such printing apparati.

Inventors: Cappiello; Gregory G. (Lexington, MA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013