Patent Number: 6,294,785

Title: Infrared sensor response calibration using atmospheric limb emissionmeasurements

Abstract: A method is presented for calibrating an infrared sensing device while inan orbit above a celestial body. The infrared sensing device measures asignal profile proportional to radiance emission from the atmospheric limbregion in each of a plurality of spectral bandpass regions. The radianceemission from each of the spectral bandpass regions is primarily due to agas in the atmospheric limb region. The gas must 1) have a known mixingratio as a function of pressure, 2) cause spectral opacity to be differentfor each spectral bandpass region, and 3) cause spectral opacity to benon-linearly proportional to concentration of the gas in the atmosphericlimb region over at least a portion of the signal profile. Atemperature/pressure profile that is indicative of the signal profiles isdetermined. The temperature/pressure profile is indicative of absoluteradiance emission which is then used to calibrate the infrared sensingdevice.

Inventors: Gordley; Larry L. (Williamsburg, VA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013