Patent Number: 6,294,786

Title: Electronic faucet sensor assembly

Abstract: An electronic faucet sensor assembly includes a base having a pair ofopenings facing in a generally downward direction when the assembly ismounted in an electronically operated faucet. There is an infraredtransmitter positioned in one of the openings and an infrared receiverpositioned in the other opening. There is a lens mounted to the base andcovering the transmitter and a second lens mounted to the base andcovering the receiver. Electrical lead wires are attached to thetransmitter and to the receiver and the lead wires extend through achannel located in the base. There is a strain relief at one end of thechannel and there is a rib to isolate the leads extending between thestrain relief and the transmitter and receiver so as to prevent electricalcontact therebetween. The channel is filled with a potting compound toprovide a watertight environment for the electrical components.

Inventors: Marcichow; Martin E. (Hoffman Estates, IL), Oliver; Steven R. (Chicago, IL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013