Patent Number: 6,294,848

Title: Distributed power supply for hot swappable backplane

Abstract: The present invention discloses a power distribution system for circuitboards connected to a backplane in a customer premises telecommunicationshub. Each functional board in the system contains its own DC to DCconverter for receiving a first DC supply voltage from the backplane andsupplying a lower voltage to the circuits on the board. The converter isof the single ended primary inductance converter type having itsinductance element positioned between the power switching device and theinput power capacitor. The power converter is connected to the main powersupply through two pins of a staged or staggered connector on the board. Aresistor is connected between the earlier of the two pins to make contactwith the main supply. Due to the small size of the input resistor requiredfor the converter, the input capacitor can almost fully charge before thesecond pin, which connects directly to the converter input, makes contact.

Inventors: Goodrich, II; Earl (Lansing, MI)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013