Patent Number: 6,294,850

Title: Small-sized motor

Abstract: A small-sized motor includes an insulation holder (16) which is integrallymolded from a synthetic resin. The insulation holder (16) includes a coverportion (13) for-covering the casing cover (5) from the outside thereof,and a pair of brush holders (12) which project from the cover portion (13)into the interior of the motor, while passing through cut portions formedin the casing cover (5). Each of the brush holder (12) supports a brusharm (17) and an input terminal (11) connected thereto. The brush arm (17)supports a brush (18). Bearings (3) and (6) for the shaft are respectivelysupported at the center of the bottom portion of the casing (2) and at thecenter of the casing cover (5). Thus, it becomes possible to realizestable bearing alignment and to provide insulation outside the motor tothereby enable attachment of an electrical element to the motor withoutuse of any additional insulation means.

Inventors: Yui; Toshiya (Matsudo, JP), Furuya; Kenji (Matsudo, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013