Patent Number: 6,294,869

Title: High intensity light irradiation apparatus

Abstract: The present invention is designed to provide a high intensity lightirradiation apparatus having a simpler, lighter, easy to assemble andreplace support member for a dielectric barrier electrical discharge lamp.The dielectric barrier electrical discharge lamp 1 comprises concentricouter tube 11 and inner tube 12 to form an inert gas filled electricaldischarge space 14 defined by the outer and inner tubes 11,12 and theirend walls. A metal rod 3 is inserted into the inner tube 12 of theelectrical discharge lamp 1. A pair of clamp members 4 are secured to bothends of the metal rod 3 for clamping the both ends of the electricaldischarge lamp 1. An AC voltage is applied between the metal rod 3 and anouter electrode 21 on the surface of the outer tube 11. Cooling waterflows through the gap between the metal rod 3 and the inner tube 12.

Inventors: Adachi; Nobuo (Chofu, JP), Okugi; Yasuhiko (Chofu, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013