Patent Number: 6,294,890

Title: Robot controller

Abstract: A robot controller is provided which can smoothly switch the mode between aposition control in a free space and a position or force control to acontact surface, so that even if the contact surface has an unknowngeometric error, the control system mode can be switched without thedamage of a contact object and a workpiece and the out-of-control of therobot. The workpiece is moved to approach an estimated contact surfacewithin the free space under a position control. Next, a groping motion iscarried out under a position control from the estimated contact surface toan actual contact surface, and switched to a contact motion under a forcecontrol at the time point when the detected force value exceeds a certainthreshold value. Then, a leaving motion is carried out.

Inventors: Shimada; Akira (Chiba, JP), Ohtachi; Yoshinobu (Chiba, JP), Mita; Tsutomu (Kanagawa, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013