Patent Number: 6,294,891

Title: Systems and methods for robust vibration suppression in a motion controlsystem

Abstract: Systems and methods for reducing unwanted vibration in motion system areprovided using a Robust Vibration Suppression (RVS) methodology, in whichacceleration frequency spectra are obtained for each of a number ofcommand input functions developed for moving a load a specified distancewithin a specified move time interval using an actuator. The frequencyspectra comprise peaks, with notches defined between adjacent peaks. Adesirable command input function is one with a frequency spectra havingeither a notch with a maximum width or a peak with a minimum magnituderelative to frequency spectra associated with other command inputfunctions, or, alternatively, a peak with a magnitude of less than orequal to a pre-established magnitude or a frequency notch having a widthgreater than or equal to a pre-established width. A suitable command inputfunction may be characterized by a ramp function, a cosine function, asine function, or a combination thereof. The period of a suitable commandinput function is related to a fundamental natural frequency of the motioncontrol system. A bridge circuit may be employed to reduce motor rippletorque, and a control circuit may be employed to compensate for back EMF.A computer-based system may be used to design, test, and optimize a motioncontrol system using RVS principles. Various system components may begraphically modeled. Command input functions may be applied to the system,modified, and optimized. Various graphical and character data may bedisplayed. RVS design software may be embodied in a computer-readablearticle of manufacture.

Inventors: McConnell; Kenneth G. (Ames, IA), Bouton; Chad E. (Delaware, OH)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013