Patent Number: 6,294,897

Title: Method and apparatus for electronically evaluating the internal temperatureof an electrochemical cell or battery

Abstract: A testing device applies time-varying electrical excitation to a cell orbattery and senses the resulting time-varying electrical response.Computation circuitry within the device uses voltage and current signalsderived from the excitation and response signals as inputs and computesvalues of elements of an equivalent circuit representation of the cell orbattery. The internal temperature of the cell or battery is calculatedfrom the value of the time constant of a particular parallel G-Csubcircuit of the equivalent circuit. The battery's internal temperatureis then either displayed to the user, used to apply appropriatetemperature corrections to other computed quantities, used to detectthermal runaway, and/or used to control an external process such ascharging of the battery.

Inventors: Champlin; Keith S. (Minneapolis, MN)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013