Patent Number: 6,294,900

Title: Bi-directional AC or DC voltage regulator

Abstract: The invention provides a bi-directional voltage regulator having acontroller, an input circuit and an output circuit, the input and outputcircuits being capacitively coupled one to the other and being symmetricalone relative to the other, wherein each circuit comprises two terminals(AC1, AC2; AC3, AC4) across which are connected a capacitor (C2a; C2b)and, in parallel with the capacitor (C2a; C2b), a series connection of aninductor (L1; L2) and a switching network (S1; S2) controlled by thecontroller. Each switching network (S1; S2) has two branches inanti-parallel, of which each branch permits only uni-directional currentflow and at least one branch comprises a switching means. If one branchonly of each switching network comprises a switching means then theregulator of the invention is a DC regulator which has the advantage overconventional Cuk converters in that it permits bi-directional power flow.If both branches of each switching network comprise switching means, thenthe device may be constructed as an AC or DC regulator/transformer whichretains the capacity to permit bi-directional power flow.

Inventors: Greenwood; Simon Richard (Cheshire, GB), Soar; Stephen (Lancashire, GB)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013