Patent Number: 6,294,907

Title: Cross-coil type indicating instrument

Abstract: A cross-coil type indicating instrument includes a bobbin having an uppercenter cylinder and a lower center cylinder, a cross-coil unit disposedaround the bobbin, a shaft coaxially and rotatably supported by the upperand lower cylinder, a permanent magnet rotor, a dial, a pointer carried bysaid shaft, and a cup-shaped magnetic shield casing. The upper centercylinder has an upper bearing disposed to be generally flush with theupper surface of the cross coil unit, and the lower center cylinder has alower bearing and extends through the magnetic shield casing so that thelower bearing is disposed at the back of the magnetic shield casing.

Inventors: Koumura; Takashi (Toyota, JP), Ogawa; Naoto (Kariya, JP), Miyagawa; Isao (Kariya, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013