Patent Number: 6,294,927

Title: Configurable cell for customizable logic array device

Abstract: This invention discloses a cell forming part of a customizable logic arraydevice, the cell including at least first and second multiplexers, eachhaving a select input and an output, at least two inverters, each havingan input and an output, and electrical connections, selectably connectingthe output of the first multiplexer to either the select input of thesecond multiplexer or to the input of one of the at least two inverters.A customizable logic array device including a plurality of cells, each cellincluding at least first and second multiplexers is also disclosed.

Inventors: Yoeli; Uzi (Haifa, IL), Janai; Meir (Palo Alto, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013