Patent Number: 6,294,934

Title: Current control technique

Abstract: An output driver circuit and current control technique to facilitatehigh-speed buses with low noise is used to interface with high-speeddynamic RAMs (DRAMs). The architecture includes the following components:an input isolation block (120), an analog voltage divider (104), an inputcomparator (125), a sampling latch (130), a current control counter (115),and a bitwise output driver (output driver A 107 and output driver B 111).

Inventors: Garrett, Jr.; Billy Wayne (Mountain View, CA), Dillon; John B. (late of Palo Alto, CA), Ching; Michael Tak-Kei (Sunnyvale, CA), Stonecypher; William F. (San Jose, CA), Chan; Andy Peng-Pui (San Jose, CA), Griffin; Matthew M. (Mountain View, CA)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013