Patent Number: 6,294,946

Title: Switching circuit with intermittently loaded charged capacitance

Abstract: A switching circuit, comprising: a first node for receiving a firstvoltage; a second node 502 for providing an output; a third node forreceiving a second voltage; a capacitance 506 coupled between the secondnode 502 and the third node; means for intermittently charging thecapacitance 506 to provide a first output voltage from the second node502; and a switch 501 connected between the first node and the second node502 for isolating the second node 502 from the first node when open andfor discharging the capacitance 506 to provide a second output voltagewhen closed.

Inventors: Theobald; Stephen (Harboore, DK)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013