Patent Number: 6,294,970

Title: Bandpass filter

Abstract: A bandpass filter, includes a series of waveguide resonators positionedalong a common longitudinal axis so as to define at least a firstresonator and a last resonator, whereby adjacent resonators aremechanically linked to one another by a common coupling plate of sheetmetal member which is formed with coupling slots for electrically couplingthe resonators, with the first and last resonators each being closed by anend plate of sheet metal. Each resonator is formed from a longitudinallywelded sheet metal, and the end plates and the common coupling plate areeach formed with circumferentially spaced tabs which are bent so as toextend along the adjoining waveguide, whereby the tabs are welded to thewaveguide, and the joints between the end plates and the common couplingplate, on the one hand, and the adjacent waveguides, on the other hand,are soldered

Inventors: Pitschi; Franz (Rottach-Egern, DE), Lang; Manfred (Taufkirchen, DE), Appel; Werner (Munchen, DE), Pinzel; Hans (Bruckmuhl, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013