Patent Number: 6,294,987

Title: Vehicle safety running control system

Abstract: A system for controlling running safety of a vehicle having an alarm and anautomatic braking system. A plurality of decelerations .alpha.2n of anobstacle such as another vehicle present ahead on the road is predictedand corresponding manipulated variables .alpha.1n (braking amount) to besupplied to the vehicle which indicate possible deceleration of thevehicle are determined. Then threshold values L.alpha.2n for alarming andautomatic braking are determined corresponding to the predicteddeceleration and are successively compared with the distance to theobstacle. When the distance falls below any of the threshold values,alarming or automatic braking is effected to avoid contact with theobstacle, thereby making the system relatively simple and enablingoperation to match the driver's expectations.

Inventors: Matsuda; Shohei (Wako, JP), Hada; Satoshi (Wako, JP), Sugimoto; Yoichi (Wako, JP), Urai; Yoshihiro (Wako, JP), Ichikawa; Shoji (Wako, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013