Patent Number: 6,294,992

Title: High power control signal transmission and low power data signaltransmission in a wireless security system

Abstract: A method, apparatus and system for maximizing transmission power levels inwireless security systems wherein the transmitted power is adjusteddepending on the type of signal being transmitted in order to comply withpower level restrictions imposed by agency regulations (e.g. FederalCommunications Commission). Higher priority control signals messages aretransmitted at the maximum permitted or normal output power level and arenot compromised by the requirement for transmission of data signals thatare transmitted at a reduced power level. In addition, a method andapparatus for reducing a required quantity of data signal transmissions inwireless security systems is provided, wherein data signals areexclusively transmitted at a reduced power level during an installationmode leaving only control signals to be transmitted at normal power duringnormal operation mode. Data information contained in the data signal isstored in a console during installation mode, and retrieved and displayedto the user in response to the control signal during normal operationmode. The reduction in data signal transmissions reduces on-air time,thereby reducing the potential for message clash.

Inventors: Addy; Kenneth L. (Massapequa, NY), Schmit; Thomas P. (Huntington, NY), Adamo; Patrick (Bellmore, NY)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013