Patent Number: 6,295,004

Title: Appliance warning light device

Abstract: A warning light device attachable to, or as a permanent part of, a frontdoor of an automatic dishwasher or oven, the front door being openable toa generally horizontal very low position above the floor. In oneembodiment, the device includes a housing attachable to a surface of thefront door. A warning light mounted on the housing receives electric powerfrom a miniature storage battery mounted within the housing. Anangle-sensitive switch mounted in the housing is operably interconnectedbetween the warning light and the storage battery. The switch is open andthe warning light off when the front door is closed, while the switch isclosed and the warning light on when the front door is open. The warninglight, when on, is sufficiently visible to warn or alert a person nearbythe dishwasher that the front door is open and to be avoided. Thisinvention may also be embodied in such appliances at time of manufacture.

Inventors: Burnett; S. Mark (Sarasota, FL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013