Patent Number: 6,295,027

Title: Method of calibrating a group antenna

Abstract: A method of calibrating a group antenna with minimal effort includessending a respective calibrating signal over corresponding transmittingbranches (TX1, TX2, . . . , TXm) one after the other; detectingsuperimposed signal components coupled into respective individual antennaelements (A1, A2, . . . , Am) of the group antenna for each calibratingsignal sent over the transmitting branches in the receiving branches (RX1,RX2, . . . , RXm) belonging to the respective individual antenna elements;deriving amplitude and phase variations of transmission functions of alltransmitting branches (TX1, TX2, . . . , TXm) or receiving branches (RX1,RX2, . . . , RXm) relative to a transmission function of a referencetransmitting or receiving branch from received signals including thesuperimposed signal components detected in the corresponding receivingbranches (RX1, RX2, . . . , RXm) for all calibrating signals; andadjusting amplitude adjusting elements (ATX1, ATX2, . . . , ATXm) andphase adjusting elements (PTX1, PTX2, . . . , PTXm) in the respectiveindividual transmitting branches (TX1, TX2, . . . , TXm) or in thereceiving branches (RX1, RX2, . . . , RXm) so that the amplitude and phasevariations derived in step c) are minimized.

Inventors: Wixforth; Thomas (Hildesheim, DE), Wiegmann; Mark (Paderborn, DE)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013