Patent Number: 6,295,033

Title: Vehicle antenna assembly for receiving satellite broadcast signals

Abstract: An apparatus, system and method for providing audio broadcast signalsreceived from a satellite to a satellite radio receiver. A window cliphaving an integral transmission line is mounted on the edge of a vehiclewindow. The interior end of the transmission line is connected to thesatellite radio receiver. The exterior portion of the clip, and theexterior portion of the integrated transmission line, is coupled to anantenna. The antenna may be an omnidirectional quadrifilar antenna havingcircular polarization, a gain greater than about 3 dBi, a G/T greater thanabout -20 dB/K, and a frequency range of about 2.3 GHz to about 2.7 GHz,also known as the S-band. The antenna system can be used to receivesatellite digital audio radio service (SDARS) and transfer the signal to asatellite radio receiver inside the vehicle.

Inventors: Chatzipetros; Argyrios A. (Lake Worth, FL), Patsiokas; Stelios (Plantation, FL), Nguyen; Anh (Boynton Beach, FL)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013