Patent Number: 6,295,035

Title: Circular direction finding antenna

Abstract: An antenna system that includes a plurality of mounting plates arranged ina generally circular configuration. Each mounting plate has an insidesurface and an outside surface. Each antenna element has a high frequencyend and a low frequency end. The low frequency end of each antenna elementis mounted to the inside surface of one of the mounting plates such thatthe high frequency ends of opposed antenna elements face each other. Thehigh frequency ends of opposed antennas are separated by one wavelength ofthe signal frequency received at the high frequency end. The antennasystem also includes a beamforming network having a plurality of inputports equal to the number of antenna elements. Each antenna element iscoupled to the beamforming network through a respective input port.

Inventors: Holzheimer; Timothy R. (Rockwall, TX)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013