Patent Number: 6,295,036

Title: Retainer for supporting a device on a mounting surface and method formounting a device on a mounting surface

Abstract: A retainer includes a base portion, a plurality of prongs, and a retentionclip. The base portion has an inner bore engageable with a threaded studextending from the mounting surface. The prongs extend outwardly from thebase portion and are slidable into a bore of a device to be mounted to themounting surface. The retention clip is formed by an outer distal endportion of the prongs and is configured to retain the device on themounting surface by snap-locking onto the device when the device is slidonto the retainer. The prongs outer distal ends that are compressiblyspaced apart from one another. In order to facilitate release of thedevice from the mounting surface, a pair of finger pads may be located atthe outer distal ends of the prongs. The retainer is well-suited formounting a telemetry antenna on a surface such as a ceiling and, in fact,can reduce antenna installation time by 75% when compare to prior knownsystems.

Inventors: Mata; Rizaldy B. (Milwaukee, WI), Peterson; Kevin W. (Nashotah, WI), Surges; Scott T. (Nashotah, WI)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013