Patent Number: 6,295,040

Title: AC-type plasma display panel and its driving method

Abstract: In an AC-type PDP including first and second sustain electrodes extendingalong a line direction via a discharge slit; a discharge space; adielectric layer coated on the first and second sustain electrodes, and anaddress electrode orthogonal to the first and second sustain electrodesvia the dielectric layer, wherein the first and second sustain electrodescomprise first and second belt-like first and second metal electrodesthereon, respectively, where the first and second metal electrodes arenarrower than the first and second transparent electrodes, respectively,wherein the first metal electrode is located on an edge apart from thedischarge slit; and the second metal electrode is located on another edgenear to the discharge slit. Moreover, then, a distance between the secondsustain electrode and said address electrode may be smaller than adistance between said first sustain electrode and said address electrode.A gap between the second sustain electrode and the address electrode maybe smaller than a clearance between the first sustain electrode and theaddress electrode. A rise time of a first sustain pulse which makes thesecond sustain electrodes negative with respect to the first sustainelectrode is preferably slower than a second rise time of a second sustainpulse which makes the second sustain electrodes positive with respect tothe first sustain electrode.

Inventors: Nhan; Nguyen Thanh (Kawasaki, JP), Kondo; Nobuyoshi (Kawasaki, JP)


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Expiration Date: 09/25/2013